Thursday, 21 April 2011

Amazon To Offer Library Lending For Kindle EBooks

Amazon To Offer Library Lending For Kindle EBooks:
Amazon announced today that Kindle users will soon be able to borrow their favorite eBooks from over 11,000 libraries across the country.
Unlike Amazon's current eBook borrowing system, Kindle Library Lending will allow customers to renew checked out books and preserve previous annotations using the company's Whispersnyc technology.
'We're excited that millions of Kindle customers will be able to borrow Kindle books from their local libraries,' Amazon Kindle Director Jay Marine said in a statement.
'We're doing a little something extra here,' he added. 'Normally, making margin notes in library books is a big no-no. But we're extending our Whispersync technology so that you can highlight and add margin notes to Kindle books you check out from your local library.'
Users will be able to borrow books on all generations of Kindle ereaders and apps for Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone.
The program is slated to begin later this year."

Kindles in the Classroom: Theories, Practices, and Results in a Lower-Division English Course (Innovative Practice) California Lutheran University CLU

Kindles in the Classroom: Theories, Practices, and Results in a Lower-Division English Course (Innovative Practice) EDUCAUSE:

Author(s):Joan Wines (California Lutheran University) and Julius Bianchi (California Lutheran University)
Topics:Austin, E-Books, E-Readers, ELI 2010 Annual Meeting, (01/21/2010)
ELI2010, Instructional Technologies, Mobile Computing, Student Engagement and Interaction

Type:Presentations and Seminars

Abstract:Theoretically, the Kindle is a promising teaching and learning device for the mobile generation now attending institutions of higher learning. In piloting subsidized Amazon Kindles, however, Princeton University, Case Western Reserve University, Reed College and other institutions have been primarily interested in sustainability benefits, cost savings, and ubiquitous access to resources and only secondarily in how e-readers are impacting student learning. By contrast, our CLU (unsubsidized) Kindle pilot project's main focus was to explore and to identify the practices that would best optimize the Kindle's teaching/learning potential-a potential we recognize as promoting deeper student engagement in critical reading and writing.

Full CLU presentation and slides of the project (TIME 58mins)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ebook piracy ‘is colossal threat’

Internet ebook piracy is a ‘colossal’ problem, an author has warned, after it emerged that thousands of copyright breaches are being recorded every week.

Copies of books are being offered as free illegal downloads (Reuters) 
Copies of books are being offered as free illegal downloads (Reuters)
Web pirates are taking advantage of the growing popularity of electronic reading devices by illegally offering copies of books in free downloads.
Some are being made available even before they are even released, such as Jeffrey Archer’s novel, Only Time Will Tell, which comes out next month.
The official version for the Kindle costs £9.40 to pre-order on Amazon.
The practice is threatening to cost authors and publishers millions of pounds and there are fears it could be as devastating as illegal file-sharing was for the music industry.
The Publishers’ Association has set up a domain where authors can report offending sites.
In the last week alone the Copyright Infringement Portal has received 831 infringement reports and issued 2,194 takedown notices. More than 32,000 removal orders have been issued this year.
But award-winning crime writer David Hewson believes the number is the ‘tip of the iceberg’.
He said: ‘It’s colossal. It’s really got big over the last year, I guess because so many people are buying ereaders. Everything I have ever had published is out there now.’
He added: ‘We all saw the damage this did to the music industry. It isn’t a bunch of Robin Hood geeks – it is very organised. You can call it file sharing or piracy or whatever, but they are thieves.’
And Amanda Craig, author of Hearts And Minds, said: ‘Everyone likes getting something for free but people have to be paid for work otherwise they can’t afford to carry on.’

Ebook sales pass another milestone | Books |

Electronic books have become the largest single format in the US for the first time, new data reveals

Writing on the wall? ... An e-reader in a bookshop. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian

Ebook sales pass another milestone Books

Ebooks have become the single bestselling category in American publishing for the first time, according to new data released yesterday.

The latest report from the Association of American Publishers, compiling sales data from US publishing houses, shows that total ebook sales in February were $90.3m (£55.2m). This makes digital books the largest single format in the US for the first time ever, the AAP said, overtaking paperbacks at $81.2m. In January, ebooks were the second-largest category, behind paperbacks.

America's ebooks enjoyed a 202.3% growth in sales in February compared with the same month the previous year, the book trade association revealed. Print books fared much worse by contrast, with the combined category of adult hardback and paperback books falling 34.4% to $156.8m in February. The children and young adult category of print books fell 16.1% to $58.5m.

The AAP attributed the growth in February to "a high level of strong post-holiday ebook buying" from readers given ereader devices for Christmas, with the greater selection of devices and the broader range of ebooks now available also playing a part in the increase.

"Additionally, trade publishing houses cite ebooks as generating fresh consumer interest in – and new revenue streams for – 'backlist' titles, books that have been in print for at least a year," said the AAP. "Many publishers report that ebook readers who enjoy a newly-released book will frequently buy an author's full backlist."

Philip Jones, deputy editor of the Bookseller, called the US ebook sales growth a "significant milestone amongst digital milestones which are coming thick and fast", but pointed out that "the ebook figure includes children's, so overall the trade print book market is still bigger than the ebook market".

"Ebooks have grown massively, but they do not yet match overall print books and nor is it predicted that they will," said Jones. "The most bullish predictions suggest that ebooks will account for 50% of the US market by 2014 or 2015, and then will probably plateau."

In the UK, "we are one year behind now and catching up quite fast", said Jones. He pointed to small UK press Quercus, which publishes the Stieg Larsson trilogy and which announced earlier this month that its ebook sales increased 16-fold in 2010, representing 3% of revenues. Quercus has predicted that its digital revenues could "realistically reach 10% of our total revenues over the course of the current year".

"The February results reflect two core facts: people love books and publishers actively serve readers wherever they are," said Tom Allen, president of the AAP. "The public is embracing the breadth and variety of reading choices available to them. They have made ebooks permanent additions to their lifestyle while maintaining interest in print format books."

Free ebay ebooks

Again, not an endorsement but this blurb was found on eBay from a seller of ebooks

I would say most eBay eBook sellers would hate me for this. People usually pay from $2.99 to $14.99 for an eBook on eBay while the ebooks can be obtained for free! Many of these ebooks are public domain and therefore could be obtained for free.
Websites like offer free eBay ebooks. Check it out. Here is the list of some ebooks that can be obtained on this website for free...
Also check out, the Free EBook Forum, a place to share ebooks (there are a ton of free ebooks on the forum)
If you have found the information in my Guide helpful, please rate it with a yes vote bellow.
EBook List of ebooks on
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Ebay's Biggest Ebook Collection 200,000+

200,000 + ebooks for less than £3.50!....£3.49 to be precise
This is not a recommendation as I don’t know if these books are legal and out of copyright. i.e Google books, books digitised under Project Gutenberg or books digitised by and for the Library of Congress or low quality or vanity publishing by people wanting to make a name in publishing and raise market awareness of their hardcopy or full data protected volumes?
However I know that some seller sell similar items that are copyright infringements of recent (and even yet to be published) works and this looks like it could be a problem similar to the illegal downloading of music and its treated loss of income for the artists, publishes, etc

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Colour Kindle

This page has some information on the technology and what a colour Kindle may look like.

It also has a poll asking if you could only have one which would you prefer. A Colour Kindle or a Touch Screen Kindle

Colour Kindle

Analyze This: Free Kindle Soon?

Analyze This: Free Kindle Soon?

DAILY DOT COM - is dropping the price on its Kindle e-reader. Book lovers can buy a Kindle now for $114. That's $25 less than the cheapest model currently on sale. But the price difference comes with a catch - more specifically: advertisements.
Amazon announced its new "Kindle with Special Offers" Monday. Readers will see promotions from Buick, Olay, and Rewards Visa card. The ads will appear on the e-reader's screensaver and at the bottom of the home screen.
In addition to the new Kindle, the online retailer introduced a free Kindle app (coming soon) where customers can vote for the most attractive display that will later become Kindle screensavers. The app is called AdMash.
When the first Kindle went on sale in 2007, it retailed for $399. Amazon seems confident that its new advertising model will generate interest among potential customers.
Shipments of the new Kindle will go out on May 3. The device will also be sold at Target and Best Buy stores on that date.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Amazon Kindle 2 and Childhood Disability

By Pamela Wilson BellaOnline's Special Needs Children Editor

The updated version of the Kindle wireless reader is as pricey as the original, but new features make it even more attractive and practical for families and individuals with developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions, and other special needs. I think it would be a great companion in waiting rooms and 'on the bench' during therapy sessions.

Twenty-five percent longer battery life, as slim as a magazine and lighter than the original, with faster page turns and seven times the storage, the Kindel 2 will still download whole books wirelessly in less than a minute, bestsellers and new releases often selling for $9.99 each.

The screen image, said to be good to begin with, has been improved, with images and text that are more crisp and easy to read even in bright sunlight. There are already 230,000 books available. I am considering investing in this one, not a small thing considering it has the same price tag as the original.

One of the more significant improvements in the new Amazon device is the "text to speech" feature dubbed "Read to Me" that is described in the new version as one of several 'experimental' features that they promise to further improve and expand.

The text to speech voice can be male or female, and reading speed can be set slower or faster. While the "Read to Me" option is selected, there is no need to turn pages so you can enjoy hands-free selections from your favorite book, newspaper, magazine or blog. Switch back and the machine holds your place in the story.

On offer in addition to text-to-speech are basic web-browsing, PDF document conversion, and transfer of MP3 files for background music.

Children, teens and young adults who may struggle with their reading, or tire of reading after fifteen minutes or a half hour, will appreciate the test to speech option. Those who prefer to read along as they hear the text will be able to take full advantage of this feature, also. It remains to be seen whether young children who want to hear a story while sitting next to or on the lap of a worn out mom or dad will be satisfied with the "Read to Me" option.

For those who are not able to manage the device themselves, caregivers should check regularly to see whether a break is needed in hearing what is read as text to speech is definately not as easy to listen to for long periods as audio books, and some may not wish to listen for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. My son carries so many reading materials with him he uses a backpack on wheels when he takes the bus.

Advocates for the blind urge Amazon to make the Kindle more useful to the blind by adding audio prompts for downloading and reading books. There has been some disagreement between the Author's Guild and the National Federation for the Blind about whether text-to-speech on the Kindle is an unauthorized use of audio rights, in spite of no previous challenge to the use of text to speech technology in computers, reading machines or other accommodations that seem equal to individual people reading text aloud in private.

Teens and adults with visual impairments or other challenges report looking forward to having a light, portable device to give them access to newspapers, magazines and internet blogs. I have not seen that the Kindle 2 can be used with earbuds or headphones, but this would be an improvement for the feature.

2011 Update: A new generation Kindle with Special Offers is available at a reduced price ($114) that has advertising and offers on screen savers or below the print page; another version is the Kindle DX for $379. The webpage explains the difference between WiFi and 3G: "If you do not have Wi-Fi set up in your home, Kindle 3G may be a better option."

Reading more about or ordering a Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology through this link (slightly) benefits the Special Needs Children website.

I have purchased a Kindle 2 and am considering buying the newest model.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Kindle 3 Review Narrated by Text to Speech

NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab

NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab
NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab NEW Hello Kitty (natural) Kindle Case with Japanese Button Tab
Printemps - Ete 2011

Beautiful handmade quilted case to protect your Kindle. Japanese red button tab to keep your device secure and provide a charming accent. Easy access, fast and easy removal. Perfect if you prefer to read your Kindle on its own without a heavy case to hold open.

A pretty understated Hello Kitty in the orchard with apples, apple trees, and baskets of apples. There are blue birds, trees, houses with white picket fences, tulips and daisies. Adorable!

Natural quilted cotton interior to protect your device.

* Japanese cotton canvas exterior
* Japanese natural quilted cotton interior
* Japanese red button tab
* Fully lined with no exposed seams
* Interfaced for a sturdy case
* Easy access
* Light (virtually no extra weight)
* Delightful and distinctive
* Spot Clean. Hand washable

NB: This case fits a Kindle 3, Kobo and Galaxy Tab. If you have any of the following, please let me know in the "message to seller" and I will ensure a good fit:
- Kindle 2
- Nook
- Nook Color
- Sony eReader
If no message is left, this case will be sized for the latest generation graphite Kindle 3. Thank you!

For more great kindle cases:
and other delightful handmade items:

Beautiful, charming and adorable case to protect your Kindle. Lovely to touch and hold too

Can you buy kindle books online and upload them to your kindle using the USB rather than whispernet?

OKay so I just this Kindle, and I would like to buy and upload my books via USB than the whisper net. Is this possible or do I HAVE to use whispernet?
Best answer:
Answer by Maximilian
Take a look here:

Incoming search terms for the article:

2 Responses to “Can you buy kindle books online and upload them to your kindle using the USB rather than whispernet?”

  1. Uncle Pennybags says:
    Yes, you can download via computer and then with your USB cable to the Kindle. Here’s how:
    To download your purchase to your computer at the time of purchase:
    1. Select “Transfer via Computer” from the Deliver to: pull-down menu on the product detail page.
    2. Save the file to your computer when prompted by your web browser.
    3. Connect Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.
    4. Use your computer’s file browser to drag and drop the file to your Kindle.
  2. Melissa says:
    I think you can but you may have to download them to your computer first.

Taking advantage of Kindle’s limitations

Kindle limitations- tell me what I absolutely *can't* read on it

Librarians boycott HarperCollins over e-book limits

Kindle Software Update Version 3.1

Image of Kindle
We have a new, free software update available for your Kindle that is being delivered via a Wi-Fi connection. To receive the update, please turn your wireless on and connect to an available Wi-Fi network (learn how to set up Wi-Fi on your Kindle). From the Home screen, press Menu and select "Sync and Check for Items." The software update will automatically download in the background and install the next time your Kindle goes into sleep mode. You can also manually download the update to your Kindle.

Kindle Version 3.1 Overview

Some of the features included in this update are:
  • Public Notes -- This feature lets Kindle users choose to make their book notes and highlights available for others to see. Any Kindle user -- including authors, their fans, book reviewers, professors and passionate readers everywhere -- can opt-in to share their thoughts on book passages and ideas with friends, family members, colleagues, and the greater Kindle community of people who love to read. This is a new way for readers to share their excitement and knowledge about books and get more from the books they read. To review and turn on Public Notes in your own books, view the Public Notes of people you follow, track your reading activities, see Popular Highlights and your annotations, and view your full library of books, go to Learn more.
  • Real Page Numbers -- Our customers have told us they want real page numbers that match the page numbers in print books so they can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class. We've already added real page numbers to tens of thousands of Kindle books, including the top 100 bestselling books in the Kindle Store that have matching print editions and thousands more of the most popular books. Page numbers will also be available on our free "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" Kindle apps in the coming months. As with all of Kindle's features, we want you to lose yourself in the author's words, so page numbers are only displayed when you press the Menu button. Learn more.
  • Before You Go ... -- When you reach the end of the book, you can immediately rate the book, share a message about the book with your social network, get personalized recommendations for what to read next, and see more books by the same author. Learn more.
  • New Newspaper and Magazine Layout -- We're introducing a new and improved layout for newspapers and magazines. This new layout gives you a quick snapshot of the news and helps you decide what you want to read first. Learn more.

Kindle Books Get Page Numbers and Social Features

Kindle e-books are about to become more social. They will also be getting a small change that will make many Kindle owners rejoice: page numbers. announced the new features Monday in a company blog post, and said they would be included in a coming software upgrade.
Until now, Amazon’s e-books have had no page numbers, making it difficult to read along in a college class or a book club, for instance. The page numbers, which have already been added to many Kindle books and will come to Kindle apps in a few months, correspond with those in print books, which Amazon took pains to note is not the case with all e-books.
One of the promises of e-books has been the ability to interact with other readers or online materials while reading, though e-book companies are still in the early days of making that a reality.
Kindle readers will soon be able to share their notes and highlights with others and view popular highlights and notes by people they follow. Again, there are potential uses in classrooms or book groups. Amazon wants the Kindle to be social in other ways, too. When people finish reading a book, for instance, they will have the option to share it with friends or rate it.
The new software update will also include a different layout for newspapers and magazines, so readers can more quickly scan headlines and pick stories to read. That change comes on the heels of the hype over iPad magazine and newspaper apps, like The Daily, Pulse News Reader and Flipboard, though Amazon’s new layout is not as flashy or unique as those.
The new features will be available on the latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G. Kindle owners will automatically receive it when it’s available (Amazon did not say when that will be) or they can download it now.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

10 Reasons to buy a Kindle 2

1. It’s great if you travel. If you travel, the Kindle is a godsend. I’m the kind of guy who stocks up books for even short trips, fully expecting to finish War and Peace, Notes from Underground, and four Clive Cussler novels on a plane trip from Pittsburgh to Columbus. With the Kindle you have a full complement of books available at any time.
2. You can put anything you want on it. You can easily email DOC, TXT, and PDF files to your own Kindle email address for conversion to the Kindle – but that costs 10 cents.
3. It looks great. The Kindle 2 is an amazing improvement over the Kindle 1. If every manufacturer took cues on build quality and product life cycles from Amazon, we’d all be better off.
4. It feels great. This new version has excellent button placement and is thin enough to cut cheese. It’s eminently portable.
5. Almost any book at any time. Except for a few esoteric reference books I’ve found just about everything I need on the Kindle store. As more and more publishers go ebook – and I think an iPhone Kindle reader will truly blow the last bottlenecks out – this excuse will become ineffective.
6. It works in inclement conditions. I was in Mexico with the wife and kids and I wanted to test the Kindle out near the pool. Three books later and I felt like the laziest high-tech maven in the world. The ladies next to me brought twenty softcover novels with them and all of them got wet and messy. The Kindle worked like a dream.
7. The bookmarking and highlighting systems are vastly improved. The original Kindle had two methods for note-taking: you could select text and add a note or you could add a book mark. The new system refines those considerably and adds visual feedback whenever you take a note.
8. The dictionary is now in-line. When you move to a word, its definition appears at the bottom of the page. If you wanted a definition before, you had to pop out to a separate page.
9. You can almost see and understand the illustrations in 16 greyscale shades. Note the “almost.” However, it’s better than 4 shades, which was abysmal.
10. It is the future. Sorry, it is. Amazon nailed the ebook and they’re going to own the space for the next few years. Maybe they’ll pull a Netflix and sell the software to OEMs, which is fine by me. But ebooks are what we’ll be reading while we rocket to Mars in 2050. Or we’ll have our robotic concubines read them to us.
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10 reasons not to buy a Kindle 2

1. It’s bad for research. I’m working on a book right now and I wanted to use the Kindle for all of my research. Sadly, this is almost impossible. The book is a physical object – you can move through it, skimming for notes and important points – and there is something in our education that gives us a sense of space inside a book. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but you know how you can pick up a book and show someone what you’re looking for in a few page turns? You know it was halfway through, maybe a third of the way down the page, and it was near another set of words. The Kindle is not conducive to that kind of mental map-making… yet.
2. It’s horrible for reference. Don’t buy a Kindle of you just read programming manuals. Programming manuals offer something different. While it seems counterintuitive that a document you can search programatically wouldn’t be good as reference material, you’re better off looking up function calls on a website and using the physical book as a guide to building your programs. This is a corallary of point 1, above, so this could change.
3. The Kindle is flimsy. You’ll go through your day thinking you will break your Kindle. You don’t fit that much screen on a thin device that is meant to be thrown into a bag without a care and not risk cracking it. There will come a day when you open your bag and see that your Kindle is dead, even in its case. It’s not your fault. Say it with me: it’s not your fault.
4. It’s not ready for students. Add points 1, 2, and 3 together and you come to the conclusion that this is not ready for students. This may be a good device for English classes requiring lots of long novel reading, but as an education tool it isn’t quite there.
5. The net connection doesn’t work internationally. For some reason last year I was convinced the Kindle had Wi-Fi built-in. I was trying to get on the Internet in Warsaw, Poland and I kept looking for that Wi-Fi button. Then I remembered – no Wi-Fi. And I cried. How I cried, my friends. Then I downloaded the Kindle book onto my desktop and dragged it over via the USB cable. So that’s, in essence, your international solution.
6. No SD slot. While the Kindle can easily hold 1,500 books, what if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep everything in its right place? Maybe you want to make a book playlist? Maybe you have 1,501 books? I don’t know. Sadly, the Kindle doesn’t allow for memory expansion. Not a big deal, but to some it’s a bad thing.
7. Flight attendants will tell you to turn it off on take off and landing. You can’t explain that it’s epaper and uses no current. You just can’t. It’s like explaining heaven to bears.
8. It contains a battery. Remember, Reader, the Kindle is mortal. It will die on you when you don’t have your charger.
9. It’s bottom heavy. The internal battery makes the device want to plop face down on your chest. I read it last night when I was sleepy and it kept getting ready to fall on me.
10. There’s just something about a dead tree book, isn’t there? It’s nice to pop into the airport news stand and pick up a novel. It just is. I’m sorry.
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